EGS prides itself on its customer service and after-sales care. We take time to discover an individual's requirements and tailor-make packages to suit their needs. From the homeowner requiring the sealant of a pond to large corporations, maintaining railways or canals, we are able to cater for all needs. Our services include the following range:

  • Brick testing in Lab
  • Soil sampling
  • Supply Consolid System
  • Construct roads, pathways etc. to customer specification
  • Seal canal bankings and ponds etc.


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Tel: 01229 718374

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Advantages of The Consolid System tick

  • Reduces costs by 20%
  • Less disturbance to the environment
  • Very short curing time can in most cases be used immediately
  • No slab effect
  • Can be pre-mixed and stored until required
  • No frost heave
  • Can be used as a temporary road and when needed elsewhere can be ripped up and laid again
  • Recycled soils can be used that would otherwise be useless as construction material
  • Less wearing course needed as sub base and base create an improved bridging function of the soil layers and thus a risk free diminuation of the wearing course.