Environmentally Friendly Ground Stabilisation

EGS are the sole contractors for the Consolid System in the UK and as such have the full support of Consolid Limited UK and Consolid AG of Switzerland, who have 30 years experience of the Consolid System worldwide.

Consolid can be used for ground stabilisation on roads, footpaths and railways and as a sealant to build ponds, lakes and Canal Bankings. Also can be used for the construction of slurry lagoons on farms...


A construction firm have tested an untreated soil sample as 1% CBR. The same soil treated with The Consolid System resulted in a CBR of 51% higher than the required MOT type 1. A higher CBR can be achieved by adding the missing fractions to the soils again. An official copy of the results will be published soon. 18th March 2011

The Spanish authorities have tested The Consolid System for use on Road construction and it has passed with flying colours. We are waiting for the English version. It will be published as soon as we receive it. 18th March 2011


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The Consolid System

The Consolid SystemThe Consolid System solves stability problems permanently in an environmentally friendly way

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Advantages of The Consolid System tick

  • Reduces costs by 20%
  • Less disturbance to the environment
  • Very short curing time can in most cases be used immediately
  • No slab effect
  • Can be pre-mixed and stored until required
  • No frost heave
  • Can be used as a temporary road and when needed elsewhere can be ripped up and laid again
  • Recycled soils can be used that would otherwise be useless as construction material
  • Less wearing course needed as sub base and base create an improved bridging function of the soil layers and thus a risk free diminuation of the wearing course.